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Transforming Boots into a Brand Leader

Through a combination of cultural analysis, semiotics and ongoing consultancy we have helped Boots put culture at the heart of its brand model helping shape it into a true brand leader

What was the issue?

While Boots was an important staple of high streets across the UK it lacked contemporary relevance – it was perceived as somewhat dated and distant and as a brand that had little to say about the contemporary world.

What did we do?

We used a dynamic approach over a four year period that used the methods to answer specific questions the Boots brand team had as the process unfolded.

Our work with Boots began with an overarching review of the brand and what it stood for in contemporary culture. We also looked at what the key trends in the spaces of health, wellness, beauty and care where to help inform thinking about brand direction.

Over the next few years we built on this with high level cultural analysis - identifying the seismic changes in culture and the granular nuances in what they meant to consumers.

Throughout we kept Boots on the pulse of culture through continuous updating of trends and what was happening in society.

Importantly we accessed looked at how these changes would interact with pre-existing consumer values.


What were the outcomes?

Our findings formed the basis of the development of Boots brand model helping identify which cultural trends Boots should develop and how to express them across the business.

Our findings also informed key parts of visual identity and store look and feel, including the new logo and flagship Wellness store in Covent Garden.

Our input was essential during the pandemic where our insights around the shifts going taking place in culture informed Boots incredibly successful #prescribekindness campaign.

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