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Dr. Nick Gadsby

Founder & principal

Nick is a highly experienced Commercial Semiotician and Cultural Analyst who specialises in brand transformation and new narrative creation. He's also an anthropologist who lectures in Material Culture and Digital Anthropology at University College London.


He created The Answer to make Commercial Semiotics accessible and relevant, and ultimately to position it as an essential component of brand strategy for wide-reaching cultural change.


He's responsible for pushing semiotics in exciting new directions and innovating methods such as Oculog - a visual language and social media tool, Big Data analysis and insight, cultural metrics and brand asset evaluation.


He's a natural collaborator, developing new methods and approaches with partner agencies from a range of backgrounds and industries.


Get in touch with Nick at  if you want to chat about what we can do for you.


Jim Mott


Jim is a commercial anthropologist with twelve years of experience using cultural understanding to inform the strategic direction of some of the world’s leading brands.

Along with being well versed in Semiotics and Cultural analysis Jim brings bring to the Answer a rich background of ethnographic thinking and culturally informed qualitative research.


Much of his work has been global and he has conducted work in over 24 markets covering the LATAM, APAC & EMEA regions.  He has written extensively on the importance of cultural understanding for local and regional market activation and his work has been nominated for several MRS awards. 

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