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We use cultural analysis to transform brands and organisations

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The world is always changing – consumer values, beliefs and behaviours,  competitors and categories shift as culture moves inexorably forward.

Brands need to stay ahead, evolve and transform.

Cultural analysis is the only systematic way to transform brands and organisations by helping them take control of what they stand for and give them a competitive edge.

The Answer provides leading edge cultural analysis using methods like semiotics and discourse analysis to put change at the heart of brands.

We have a track record for providing game-changing insights that deliver unique solutions and guiding strategies.

While our thinking and analysis is deep, we keep things clear and simple to ensure that insights become embedded across organisations.

Our insights are profound, but always simple

Our recommendations are bold, but always actionable

Our approaches are unique, but always strategic

We exist to guide and assist organisations who need to revitalise or transform their branding, marketing and product strategies.

Our team has decades of experience operating at senior levels, and our work has been instrumental in creating powerful and transformative campaigns, communications and consumer strategies for the worlds most successful brands.

Our approach blends Semiotics, Anthropology and the Social Sciences with the latest scientific insights to offer a clear, objective perspective on the trends and behaviours that should be harnessed to achieve the most effective outcomes for our clients objectives.    

We help clients who are seeking fresh perspectives and new solutions in the following areas:

Brand Development & Consultancy

Whether it's building a brand from the ground up, or tailoring a global campaign for a specific audience or market, we can help.


Our understanding of deep rooted cultural shifts, immediate consumer trends and emerging category conventions gives us the ability to provide precise, tailored directions on all aspects of brand development and execution. 

Brand Development & Consultancy
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Consumer Insight

Consumer Insight

Traditional models of consumer research rely on claimed behaviour and group think. Without supplementary methods this can be limiting or even misleading.


We focus on Ethnographic and observational approaches (often also combined with expert opinions and desk research) to give our clients the inside line on what is really driving their audience, and how they can leverage this to their own advantage.

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Narrative Building

Narrative Building

As we move further into the 21st century it’s clear that many of the foundational beliefs of the last century no longer hold true.

Brands and organisations need new narratives if they are to remain relevant and engaging to the public.

We use cultural analysis to identify new ways of framing the world that dig deep into people’s existing values to create new stories and ways of understanding the world, helping brands to lead the conversation.

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Our Clients
Our Clients
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