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Time to bust some myths about Semiotics

Semiotics has a reputation for being 'too academic' or 'theoretical', this simply isn't true at The Answer.

We call it Commercial Semiotics for a reason.

Our insights may be profound, but they're always simple.

Our recommendations are bold, but always actionable.

Our approaches are unique, but always strategic


In a world that's changing faster than ever before, Commercial Semiotics is your brand's strategic ally.


What we do

What does your brand stand for, how can it evolve, and how do you do it

Go beyond what consumers say; how culture shapes consumer attitudes and behaviour

Understand why things are changing, how they are changing, and how you can own change

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About the Answer

We set up The Answer to do things differently with commercial semiotics:

#1  to make commercial semiotics an essential part of any insight driven brand strategy

#2 to bring semiotics into the 21st century through developing approaches to social media and big data

#3 to innovate new ways to use semiotics that go beyond 'codes' and 'signs and symbols'

#4 to help brands understand the new landscape and how to be a credible player in it


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