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What you need to know

1) Most research is Responsive, Commercial Semiotics is Pro-active - consumers can only tell you about the past, all the data you get from them is out of date the second it passes their lips, Semiotics is forward looking, its data is future-facing  - this gives you a huge strategic advantage

2) It can show you HOW to activate insight - most insight stops at 'what you should do', it rarely tells you how to do it in any detail. Commercial Semiotics can tell you how to make insight a reality.

3) What about signs and symbols, and codes? These are an important part of the Commercial Semiotics toolkit, like projective techniques or indirect questioning in qualitative interviews, but they're not the output in and of themselves (anymore than projective techniques or indirect questioning are qual outputs) - they're just a means to get there.

4) What makes Commercial Semiotics unique? This is the really juicy bit. 

What makes us (humans) special is that we're the only species with culture (shared ideas, symbols, values, morals, etc.).


Once upon a time culture was seen as cosmetic feature under which a more primal human nature existed, but the most recent scientific discoveries suggest that humans evolved through culture. We're not just civilised apes, but a qualitatively different species whose physical and mental physiology evolved around culture. Culture, was effectively our adaptive 'killer app'.

What's  this got to do with Commercial Semiotics, you may ask?

Semiotic insight comes from analysing culture, the unique human quality that has shaped our evolution for the past 100,000 years.

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